Who we are

We entered the packaging world in 1979 and since then we have distinguished ourselves in the industry for our precision, reliability and ability to innovate.

We have grown in the local and international market thanks to a process of growth and effective managerial management that have contributed to achieve worldwide leadership in the design and production of automatic machines for the start and end of the packaging lines, with particular attention to the beverage, food and preserves sectors.

We are a concrete and dynamic reality, in strong technological development with a consolidated experience and a culture of research and innovation.
We have followed a single guideline since our foundation: to combine the most modern technologies with our many years of experience to create a product that is efficient.

The excellence achieved is the result of the best construction tradition, of refined engineering solutions, developed by a cutting-edge design team.

Our specialized technicians are available for the customer at all times, offering qualified technical assistance to answer all the possible questions and solve any problem.

What we do

In our work we use the best tools of project management, we integrate in the design technical solutions and customizations to create machines that are unique as efficient, flexible and highly innovative.

Our team designs, manufactures and assembles every type of machine specific to the packaging and industrial packaging sector, with the sole objective of satisfying the customer's needs in the best possible way, assisting them in choosing the most suitable solution to their expectations and providing solutions "Ad hoc" for each type of activity.

All our machines are supplied with detailed technical documentation and instruction manuals.

Our technicians compile the functional and design specifications, prepare and execute the installations in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations


The distinctive elements of our company are reliability and quality: we guarantee through technical competence and professionalism of our team, machines and complete packaging that are technologically INNOVATIVE and DURATURE over time.

Our machines, while working for a long time, maintain an excellent quality and efficiency standard.

Precision in finishing and the use of selected and tested materials guarantee a high mechanical resistance of what we produce.


The success of a company is given by EFFICIENCY and CAPACITY to respond correctly and quickly to customer requests. We follow a complete process made of programmed phases that allows us to plan the project in detail and then realize it.

The first interview with the client is aimed at the correct identification of his needs in order to allow the choice of the most suitable solution for his activity.

The Project Manager with the support of the various design departments plans the project and develops a technical-commercial proposal accompanied by a specific layout that contains the descriptive information and the functional and technical characteristics of the machine.

Through a briefing with the various technical departments, the customer's request is assessed and the work to be carried out is planned, from the design phase to the verification and control phase.

After the software, mechanical and electrical design, we move on to the executive phase by assembly and wiring.
Once this complex phase has been completed, the machine is ready for testing by simulating the automatic processes for which it will be used.

In this phase, a team of technicians proceeds to install the machine at the customer's site, with a consequential and obligatory verification of the correspondence of the characteristics of the same with the technical sheets provided to support it.

After the sale, the customer is not forgotten, but has the serenity of being able to take advantage of an after-sales service aimed at both the correct management and use of the machine, and the solution of problems that may arise after the test.
A correct use of the machine and a schedule of maintenance interventions make it possible to make the machine more durable over time.

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