Complete line for cans

Today we'll describe a can labeling line that has been recently installed by one of the most important preserves producer in Italy. It handles 1/2 kg tin cans at a speed of 50'000 cph.
Cosmapack delivered the full line except the labeler and the tray packer .
The line starts from the magnetic head depalletizer that picks up a layer of cans and places them on the release table where the cans are aligned int one single row.
The cans then undertake dimensional and orientation controls that lead to ejection or reorientation of some, in order to have the easy peel handle always on the same side.

The transportation system has been studied to maximize the cans buffering in case of downstream stops. The conveyors move the cans from the depalletizer to the labeler, from the labeler to the packing in tray machine and then towards the palletizer.

Video: Complete line - from can depalletizer to can palletizer

The palletizer that has been installed in this line is the fastest in Cosmapack's palletizers range. It is a dual infeed palletizer equipped with two pushers. The innovative part of this machine is its pack orientation system that allows the orientation of particularly unstable packs at high speed without exerting any mechanical shock on them.
This technology allowed us to palletize at high speed even trays without film where the stability of the cans is very weak. This palletizer can reach up to 80 packs per minute.

The movement of the opnable rollers head is performed by a KUKA 4 axis robot with a payload as high as 700 kg . This solution produced transfer speeds that easily led to 6 layer per minute.
The full pallets are then conveyed to a rotating arm stretchwrapper with adjustable prestretch percentage, pallet lifter and terminal film edge welder.
The labeling datas are then transferred to an external labeller that sticks a label on the two sides of the pallet. The pallet is eventually stransferred to the discharge conveyors.

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