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Cosmapack depalletizer for the crate industry uses the sweeping system. The pallet is emptied by means of pusher that transfers the stacks of crates from the pallet to the stacks conveyor. The operation is performed in multiple pushes. The stacks of crates, when necessary, are rotated on the…


Cosmapack's de-stacker is able to process up to 2500 crates / hour. The machine processes two stacks of crates at a time and is equipped with a chain with fingers that allow the rapid evacuation of the de-stacked crates.


Cosmapack's crate opener processes crates with folding flaps and is capable of opening up to 2500 crates per hour. It is equipped with a crate recognition station and two subsequent opening stations where the long flaps are opened first and then the short flaps. Upon request, it is also possible to…


We supply crate washing machines in collaboration with our partner Velox Barchitta. The washing machines are tunnel washing systems. They can be supplied with a openable roof and can receive crates on one or two lines. We have successfully installed 5000 cassettes / hour washing machines


After the washing station it is necessary to close the flaps of the crates in order to allow stacking.We manufacture counter-rotating hammer box closers and also specific closers for the crates with active lock.Our crate closers are able to process up to 2500 cassettes / hour


Our crate sorter can recognize different types of crates and deliver them to the proper outfeed line. The recognition is performed with a special 3D camera that does not suffer the presence of residual labels, since it can read the thickness of the crate in every part. This machine can process up…


Our crate stackers are able to process 2500 cassettes / hour. Stacking is done by processing two stacks at the same time. Once the set number of layers has been reached, the stacks are transferred to the outlet


Our crate palletizers work for successive pushes. The stacks are arranged in front of a pusher which transfers them to an intermediate plate. When the pushes are completed the plate slides out of the way and the stacks are released on the platform.


Our spin drier can process stacks of half height. The stacks are centered and then locked on the spinning cage. After centrifugation the crates are perfectly dry (5g water) and ready for shipment

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