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Automatic palletizers Palletizers are useful in the small production lines because they avoid the heavy manual job and increase the overall safety of the workers. In the fast production lines palletizers are of course inevitable. We build automatic palletizers for both the small and the fast…


Automatic depalletizers Depalletization of the empty containers is one of the activities where automation can help most. The handling of fragile products at considerable heights makes automatic depalletizers a must in the production lines. Our experience in this type of machines is wide. We build…


Automatic case packers Case packers are historically one of Cosmapacks main business. Our experience in this machine has been growing through the years. If you need a case packer for a small line (max 700 cases/hour) we suggest you to check our monoblock solution that effectively combines a case…


When the bottles are not round, the preparation of the layer to be transferred needs a dedicated machine that divides the flow of the product in multiple channels. We build dividers that allow continuos flow for fast production lines, or also intermittent flow for slower paces.


Case erectors are machines that have the scope of preparing the box for the cartoning process. Our long experience in box erecting allows us to prepare perfectly ereced boxes, even with poor cardboard quality. We build erectors of different speeds, up to 2200 boxes/hour. The bottom flaps of the box…


The cartoning machines for american cartons require a case sealer. We build case sealers that can work with glue or with tape. Our case sealers can reach the speed of 3000 cases/minute


We build stretchwrappers of two different kinds: The rotating arm stretchwrappers and the rotating platform stretchwrapers. The first technology allows faster rotation speed because the product is not subject to centrifugal force, while the latter is used for smaller speeds. All our machines can be…


We produce shrink film packaging machines. Our machines are divided into two main categories: the faster film-throwing packaging machines and the sealing bar packaging machines which are slower due to the discontinuous movement of the product.


Bin dumpers are machines used in the fruit and vegetable processing industry. They take care of emptying the product that is present inside the "bins" towards specific collection tanks.

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