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Cartesian palletizers are machines that pick up few cases at the time, not the full layer. The layer is completed in multiple movement of the machine. The control system of the machine stores all the coordinates of the pick and release positions. The cases can be picked with pliers or with vacuum.…


The layer palletizers prepare the product outside the machine's gripping head. The packs enter the machine and are rotated, if necessary, by mechanical devices or by a couple of belts at different speeds and then stop in the correct position. The operation is repeated until the completion of the…


Robotic palletizers can be equipped with picking heads that transfer a small number of items or with heads that transfer the full layer. They have a very high working area and therefore excell in flexibility because they can easily reach each position of the palletizing cell allowing the…


Magnetic head palletizers use magnets to pick up ferrous materials, such as tin plated cans. They are usually used in the preserves sector and generally treat bulk product that is palletized directy on the pallet, without a secondary packaging. The loose product enter the machine and is arranged on…

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