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Robot palletizer with grippers for packs, serves two lines simultaneously

Robot palletiser with magnetic head transferring full layers for bottles of tomato sauce bottles andbottles with crown cap

Robot palletizer with openable rollers head and stretchwrapper for 500g cans into trays

Robot palletiser with magnetic head for loose cans and packs. The line can work also as a depalletiser

Robot palletizer of bulk oil bottles with devider at the infeed

Robot palletizer for packs with pliers

Robot palletiser for packs from 5 contemporary lines, with barcode scanner and sorter for sorting the boxes in the bays of the palletizer

Robot for palletizing of two lines simultaneously, with lower support gripping head for bundles and bundles and hooks for picking up the empty pallet

Robot for palletizing two lines simultaneously, with gripping head for pads, pallets and bundles

Robot for palletizing packs with gripping head with pliers and hooks for the pallets


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